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Photo Courtesy of Chau Cam Senior Chau Cam thrives as a four year member in badminton

As senior Chau Cam starts warming up for her badminton games, she is constantly reminded of her last year as a highschool player. Cam has been playing badminton since sophomore year at San Gabriels badminton team. “Badminton made my highschool experience fun because I got to meet many new people and visit new different schools
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Illustration by John Truong Donald Sterling controversy leads to issue of double standards

“I am banning Donald Sterling, for life,” newly appointed National Basketball Association (NBA) commissioner Adam Silver announced. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was implicated in a controversy in which news website, TMZ, released a recording of Sterling speaking to V. Stiviano about his personal opinion of people of African American descent. In the ten-minute
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photo11-300x224 Volleyball Matador CIF Second Round vs. Tustin

The Matadors played their second round in the CIF championship versus Tustin High School on May 15. The seats quickly filled with students from both schools who cheered on while band and color guard did a collaboration on the top seats. The Matadors finished the game winning all three sets and dominated the game. The
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IMG_5765 Faculty win against seniors in 2014 student versus staff game, 63-58

Despite a furious last-minute comeback by the seniors, they were unable to obtain the victory, giving it up to the staff in the student versus staff basketball game. Going on an eight-point run during the last few minutes of the game with the help of a few questionable calls, the seniors were nonetheless held off
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Photo by Marqus Quertyus Homosexuality in sports rises up against challanges

In a world of sports, where homosexuality has always been a stigma, new Rams defensive end, Michael Sam, has risen up and challenged the quota and the set standard as the first openly gay National Football League player.  Only drafted last week, Sam has emerged as a hero in the gay and lesbian community.  However,
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Tattoos become the newest fad Tattoos become the newest fad

Nowadays, tattoos are common among society and are even a huge trend among teenagers. The art of tattooing has existed since ancient times and is still being practiced today. Long ago, people would use tattoos to identify criminals and slaves; however, as time passed, the purpose of tattoos have changed drastically. Tattoos are no longer
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CC/BY Vidcon VidCon celebrates YouTube fans

Over 18,000 attendees, ranging from screaming fan girls to up-and-coming video content creators, gathered inside the Anaheim Convention Center for this year’s fifth annual VidCon. The three-day gathering has proved itself to be the main event for fans and creators of online videos and YouTube, today’s go-to form of entertainment. The convention lasted from June
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CC/BY by Augustas Didzgalvis Gun control addresses symptoms, not root of society’s problems

When it comes to the subject of gun violence, the consensus seems to be that our laws are too lenient. These allegedly lax laws allow the mentally ill to acquire firearms and commit the crimes we see all too often in the media. These individuals and their actions have prompted calls for more restrictive legislation
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CC/BY Billets de 5000 Jobs do not measure success

  I’m sure that most of us have heard the lecture about going to college or flipping burgers our whole life. Our elders think they are teaching us the value of education, but what are they really teaching us? To tell someone to succeed in academics or to end up like someone working a job that society
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Lauren-Carillo-and-Sarah-Poe Back To School Fashion Extravaganza

The Matadors are back! And so is their unique and stylish fashion sense. Check out the first day of school ‪#‎OOTDs‬ on our fashion blog. Coverage by Emmanuel Maresca. http://fashion.thematadorsghs.com/?p=4125

Photo courtesy of Johnny Diep Q&A: Johnny Diep, senior

1. Greatest thing(s) that has happened your senior year? “Finishing my final basketball season with my brothers, receiving college letters, and experiencing prom!” 2. College? Major? “Cal State Fullerton. Majoring in Business Administration with a concentration on Business Economics.” 3. Greatest thing since freshman year? Your best year in high school? “FBLA State Conference and
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