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Photo by Frank Lieu Boys varsity basketball loses in the second round of the Salesian Tourney against Mendez High School, 54-48

After Wilson High School’s forfeit against San Gabriel, the Matadors had finally passed the first round of the Salesian Boys and Girls Club High School Basketball Tournament, only to be defeated by the Mendez Jaguars in a late second half surge at the score of 54-48 on Thursday, March 20 in East L.A. “Man, we
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bl2 Boys JV basketball defeats Mendez High School in Salesian B&G Tourney, 51-47

Last Tuesday, the Matadors were able to defeat the Mendez Jaguars in a nail biting game at the Salesian Family Youth Center with the score of 51-47 due to the late game heroics from freshman Aiden “Tatch” Chong. “That was a great game from everybody on the team,” Coach Abner Taghdis said, “Way to keep
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bl Boys varsity basketball celebrates victory against Salesian B&G Basketball in B&G Club Tourney, 59-45

After the heartbreaking loss against Mendez High School, the Matadors bounced back defeating Salesian last Thursday at the score of 59-45 on March 27, blowing their opponent out of the gym at the Salesian Family Youth Center in East LA. Talking about coming to the game guns blazing, the Matadors did just that last Thursday
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Softball preview picture Varsity Softball Preview

Summary: “We are off to a good start. Right now we have a record of 7-4.We have good chemistry and a team that is hungry to win,” said Nolan Peralta, head coach for San Gabriel High School girls Varsity softball. Captain(s): Senior Gabrielle Chavez and Senior Jennifer Hoang Key Players: “Senior gabby Chavez. Probably one of the
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imagesCAMTXYDD Sanchez chooses “Let it go” for walk up music

Tony Sanchez, the backup catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, picked “Let it Go,” the Oscar-winner for best original song performed by Idina Menzel, for his walk-up music. Tony Sanchez posted on Twitter, “For those who are not #Frozen fans, don’t worry. You’ll only have to hear it once a week. It’s official. ‘Let it Go’
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Illustration by Chelsea Huynh Upcoming box office movies of spring

The arrival of spring 2014 ignites not only the seasonal allergies, but also the release of much anticipated movies. What better way to end the winter with the Disney movie, “Frozen,” and begin the lovely season of spring with an exciting sequel, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”? The sequel takes place two years after “The
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cupcakery Cupcakeries are the new rage

Many are familiar with cupcakes—the rich, creamy taste of cake in different flavors, adorned with frosting and sprinkles. From birthday parties to picnics, friends, family, or even strangers can share the taste of a good cupcake. Usually, the first place people go to purchase cupcakes are bakeries, but to get exceptional confections for special occasions,
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Drawing by Angela Fong Stereotypes are still rampant in school

Most people know of stereotypes. For example, Asian-Americans excel in mathematics, women love shoes, and African-Americans are great at sports. These seemingly positive stereotypes are actually a form of racism that negatively affect many people. These racist stereotypes exist even in schools, impacting students of every ethnicity. In these stereotypes, all ethnic groups are affected
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Untitled America lacks in gun sense, safety precautions

We have seen it all over the news — mass shootings all over the country. After the mass shooting onslaught popped up all over the news since 2010, the government is doing nothing about the shootings and our sky-high gun crimes. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 68 percent of all murders were caused
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Illustrations by Vanessa Huang How to prepare for testing season

Spring. The season where flowers bloom. The season where it gets warmer from the cold winter. The season where birds chirp and the season where testing finally starts. Yes. Spring is the time of the year where all the things you learned throughout the school year will be tested, and where you put your knowledge
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Aprl Fools The Origins of April Fools

“You believed that? April Fools!” Most are familiar with April Fools, the first day of April. From practical jokes to planned pranks, it is a light-hearted day when most people enjoy fooling around without major consequences. People are aware of what do to and what to expect on April Fools, but what about the origins
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