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Photo by Carolina Loaisiga San Gabriel falls to San Marino Titans, 0-65

With starting quarterback senior Anthony Gutierrez unable to play due to a fractured arm, the Matadors took on the San Marino Titans this past Friday, a tough challenge for the early preseason. The first quarter was a battle between San Gabriel’s defensive line and San Marino’s offensive line, who threatened to score the first touchdown
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IMG_5406 Varsity football struggles against Dynamiters, 0-35

The crowd was filled with spirited Matadors and supportive parents anxiously awaiting for San Gabriel’s varsity football players to enter the football stadium, initiating the year’s first home game on Friday, Sept. 5. Even though the game’s final score went 0-35 with a loss for the Matadors, the coaches were left with the satisfaction of
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Illustration by Roland Fang Student injuries are common in sports, ways to prevent

Since so many students participate in high school athletics, it is prevalent that some of the students will endure both minor and major injuries. Despite the health risks, students continue to engage in the sports that they enjoy because there are multiple ways to avoid some accidents that would be inevitable without the appropriate precaution.
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Photo Courtesy of Chau Cam Senior Chau Cam thrives as a four year member in badminton

As senior Chau Cam starts warming up for her badminton games, she is constantly reminded of her last year as a highschool player. Cam has been playing badminton since sophomore year at San Gabriels badminton team. “Badminton made my highschool experience fun because I got to meet many new people and visit new different schools
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Illustration by John Truong Donald Sterling controversy leads to issue of double standards

“I am banning Donald Sterling, for life,” newly appointed National Basketball Association (NBA) commissioner Adam Silver announced. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was implicated in a controversy in which news website, TMZ, released a recording of Sterling speaking to V. Stiviano about his personal opinion of people of African American descent. In the ten-minute
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The_F_Word_theatrical_poster Movie Review: What If (Spoilers)

*SPOILER ALERT* Daniel Radcliffe’s first romantic comedy, What If, made its debut on Aug. 8 and took a crowd of rom com lovers, Radcliffe fans, and movie-goers alike through one of the most realistic romance stories on film. The story, while imperfect, was so cleverly written and produced that I cannot help but feel compelled to
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Image courtesy of Sunrise CC/BY Fall anime preview

Another three months come with another three months’ worth of anime for the new season. Whether it is another season of anime, a spin-off, or another adaptation of manga or a visual novel, the fall season, like any other season, provides an eclectic arrangement of anime to watch for the next three months. Fate/stay night:
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Photo by Nathan Keirn CC/BY Shooting of Michael Brown stirs Ferguson riots

In Ferguson, Missouri, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9 at 12 p.m. Brown was unarmed and surrendered, but Officer Wilson continued firing at Brown. Brown had not committed a crime and had not caused any harm; he was killed in cold blood. Days after the shooting, thousands of
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Seat_belt Buckle up — seat belts save lives!

The law requires people to wear their seat belt, but there are always those who decide to be “rebellious” and not wear one. Derek Kieper, an anti-seatbelt advocate and a college student from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, falls in the “rebellious” types. “It is my choice what type of safety precautions I take,” he wrote. On
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article-2577824-1C2D266B00000578-36_634x499 Mobile phones disrupt sleep

Most teens today consider their cell phones as an essential item in their everyday lives for communicating with others; therefore, it just seems natural to want it within reach at all times. However, researchers have found detrimental effects that these seemingly harmless devices can have on sleep. Recent news about the Samsung Galaxy S4 that
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Andrew bitterolf San Gabriel welcomes Andrew Bitterolf

Andrew Bitterolf is one of the new teachers at San Gabriel High School. He is one of the eight special education teachers on the campus. He teaches earth science, biology, and an edge class, a two-period program that helps students improve reading skills. Before coming to San Gabriel, Bitterolf taught at the Arcadia Unified School
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