Bizarre Foods comes to the San Gabriel Valley

Bizarre Foods comes to the San Gabriel Valley

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Bizarre Foods, a television show featuring chef, writer, and culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern, recently filmed one of its episodes in the San Gabriel Valley and is supposed to air sometime this summer. Bizarre Foods follows Zimmern on his quest to taste strange but possibly tasty foods from around the globe. In past episodes, Zimmern has even tried various animal parts and foul smelling dishes. He has also visited many different restaurants, carts, and markets around the world.

During this episode, he was accompanied by Clarissa Wei, a freelance journalist with a focus on travel and Asian food. According to her blog, she has written cameos in BBC, CSB Los Angeles, and a New York Times blog. She also regularly writes on her blogs, (626) Foodettes and Clarissa Wei.

By her suggestion, they went to Shaanxi Gourmet, Yung Ho City Restaurant, and Hunan Mao Restaurant for spicy fish head from Hunan, to Vege Paradise for faux meat, to Café 85, to 101 Hot Pot for stinky tofu, and to Aji Ichiban, Happy Garden, Tea Station, and Sam Woo BBQ for Canto-style roast duck.

Some students feel that for a show called “Bizarre Foods,” it doesn’t live up to its name. “He’s eating the same food we eat. I don’t know how it’s bizarre,” sophomore Brian Choy said.

Though not much more has been released about this episode, it will surely be interesting to view what new foods Zimmern discovers in our local neighborhood.


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